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Welcome to the intimate world of the Haras de Ménil Jean

Located where the departments of Calvados and Orne meet, at the bottom of the foothills of the "Suisse Normande", a veritable jewel awaits you, where only the gentle sounds of nature and horses reign supreme.

The stud farm overlooks the town of Putanges, irrigated by the river Orne, which, a little further on, feeds into the Rabodanges reservoir, well known in the world of water sports.

Less than an hour from the Haras du Pin and under two hours from the Haras de Saint Lô, it can be reached either by:
the A13 to Caen then the A88 to Falaise, or
the A28 from Rouen then the A88 to Argentan.
From the west either by:
Caen then the A88 towards Alençon until Falaise, or
Le Mans / Rouen then the A88 towards Caen until Argentan.

The area is a popular getaway destination for walkers, cyclists and longer distance cyclists, not to mention of course riders and people in the equestrian world.

The climate is very pleasant and benefits from its proximity to the Normandy coasts; the morning, afternoon and evening seaside atmosphere changing with the tides.

For those who wish to take the time to appreciate our equidae in total tranquillity, the stud farm offers accommodation possibilities either on site or nearby in neighbouring cottages or guest rooms.

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