Equestrian facilities

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Our stables in the heart of the Orne

The horses are housed in traditional boxes, well insulated from the cold and heat and offering each resident a direct view of the outside to ensure excellent morale.

Numerous paddocks located near the boxes allow the horses to take turns relaxing after workouts or competition.

Used without excess, the walker is also an excellent tool for maintaining and preparing horses for work. The stud farm’s walker has been completely renovated and redesigned in terms of the horses’ safety and physical well-being.

The lunging ring makes it possible to prepare for breaking in the right conditions as well as for recovery and resumption of work after a temporary halt.

The indoor riding arena allows activity to be continued during the winter period as well as for setting up free jumping sessions for younger generations from the end of the second year.

The same building houses the grooming rooms where horses are prepared for work and where veterinary care is provided, if necessary.

A warm shower and a solarium complete the picture.

Our two outdoor riding arenas, the most recent one measuring 100 x 50 m and with an obstacle park worthy of an official high-level competition, enable full scale training in order to prepare confidently for the constantly changing requirements of our equestrian sport.

A track encircles the whole area providing the opportunity for the horses to be deployed as though they were outside the property.

From a breeding point of view, the pastures located around the heart of the stud farm enable constant monitoring of the horses in breeding (brood mares, foals from 0 to 3 years old). Most have integrated boxes allowing for wintering in ideal conditions. Each horse with its own box is fed morning and evening and the horses can see each other through grids, avoiding any stress due to isolation. They spend their days in the pastures and are brought back to their boxes for the night.

Infrastructure du Haras de Ménil JeanInfrastructure du Haras de Ménil Jean

Infrastructure du Haras de Ménil JeanInfrastructure du Haras de Ménil Jean